Air Raid
Air Raid is an Autobot jet.

War for CybertronEdit

Chapter 2Edit

Air Raid helped Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe in their rescue attempt of Zeta Prime

Chapter 3Edit

Optimus Prime sends Air Raid, Silverbolt and Jetfire to destroy Megatrons orbital station, which is destroying all the Autobot evacuation transports. They disconnect theDark Energon Bridge, but Megatron reveals he has a back-up system. after learning that the gun is Trypticon, a Cybertronian, they destroy his transformation cog, making him transform and fall down to the planet.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Air Raid carries a Scatter Blaster, has the abilities Cloaking and Whirlwind. He is a Scientist chassis

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