Blastoff is combaticon that appered in fall of cybertron as your vortex you follow him until the autobot catch both of them as he tells vortex to use his shockwave abilty and he left vortex to get swindle to raid the energon transport and he gets to the dropship and raided the transport by forming into bruticus destroying the transport's controlls and crash landed with only 1/2 of the energon as starscream caught the combaticons and arresting them and sending them to the kaon glatitorial arena as megatron defeated all of starscream's fools and freed the combaticons. Now they go as bruticus again to make a entrance for megatron. now they form to bruticus once more to raid the ark as sencond assult and were defeated by jazz and the arielbots and vanished into an unkown location in space this might be the end of blastoff he is also the left arm for bruticus and he is a cybertron space shuttle.