Iacon is capital of Cybertron and is the headquarters and home city of many Autobots
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Behold,the Autobot HQ,also the most bunched up city on Cybertron

. Before the Great War,it was a peaceful city state,but after, it was treated to be of a city sized fort,with thousands of anti-aircraft guns mounted to tall buildings. It was then mostly destroyed due to the entire city being airstriked with Dark Energon, making the Autobots mostly resorting to small undergroud forts and Autobot City to base at.

War for CybertronEdit

Built to be the capital of all of Cybertron, Iacon was then redesigned to be a fort for the Autobots during The Great War. Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown led the large assault against the city with Brawl leading the infantry and Starscream acting as the air commander. They bombed most of the city with Dark Energon as they nearly killed and captured the Autobot leader, Zeta Prime.

Later, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ratchet fought through the remains of Iacon with the army of Autobots backing them up. Though running into Decepticon War Machines, airstrikes, and gun-ships, they beat Starscream into retreation (which isn't much of a challenge) and purposely got themselves captured. In the end, they fought Trypticon from destroying the rest of the demolished city-state.



  • Iacon is most likely based on Washington DC, due to it being a city-state ,located in the northern hemisphere of Earth/Cybertron, being a capital, and having a location with the name of a shape (Iacon: Decagon,DC: Pentagon)