Jazz is an Autobot scout. He is available in DLC 1.


Voice actor: Troy Baker (English)

Prior to the war, Jazz was a long time friend of Optimus Prime and now serves as one of his top lieutenants. Jazz is one of the fastest, most nimble Autobots and is also known for keeping his cool no matter how bad the situation might seem.

His known veichle mode is a Cybertronian sports car.

War for CybertronEdit

Xbox 360/PS3Edit

Jazz was one of many Autobots who was captured by the Decepticons and sent to the Kaon prison complex. He passed the time in incarceration by doing push ups in his cell, waiting for the day he would be able to break out. That chance came when Optimus, Bumblebee and Sideswipe (who had allowed themselves to be captured) opened all the cells in Kaon during a daring attempted rescue mission of Zeta Prime. Air Raid led the prisoners to transport ships, with which they escaped. He could be seen waving Autobots onto the closest ship through the window from above.


DS VersionEdit

Jazz was among the Autobot captives in Kaon Stadium when a team of escaping Autobots teamed up with him to escape. Jazz had figured a way out of the Stadium, but first the Autobots had to fight him to buy them some time. After the fight and Jazz's defeat, Jazz left with the Autobots free at last.


Fall of CybertronEdit

Jazz and his partner Cliffjumper were called upon by Optimus Prime to track down the Dinobots. They followed the trail of destruction the team left behind, fighting through hordes of Insecticons to find them. Jazz used his grappling hook to reach higher areas from where he could snipe the enemy. It also came in handy for pulling certain objects or Decepticons to the ground. 

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

In War for Cybertron, Jazz carries a Neutron Assault Rifle, has the abilities Dash and Moleculon Bomb, and is a Scout Chassis.

In Fall of Cybertron, Jazz used a Scatter Blaster. His ability is the Grappling Hook. 


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