Kup always has advice for the youngsters. Always. Even in the middle of the worst firefight, with smoke and death all around, Kup is ready with a calmly-told tale with the right advice to get them out of a terrible situation. His incredible longevity and fearlessness in the face of Decepticon assault has given rise to the silly rumor that lasers just bounce off the veteran Autobot... and the less-silly rumor that he's just a little bit crazy.

Hot Shot isn't particularly fond of working with him.


Voice actor: Ed O'Ross (English)

War for vCybertronEdit

Before departing for a mission to get some data links working again, a newly trained Autobot had a brief exchange with Kup over a communications monitor that consisted of the elderly Autobot uttering the universal greeting. Once the youth got the links up and running, he contacted Ironhide who told him he was being reassigned to Kup's team. The recruit looked forward to the exciting times he'd experience being on Kup's team.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit