Omega rockets

Omega Supreme is both one of the most powerful Autobots ever to live and the key to the Core of Cybertron.

War for CybertronEdit

Decepticon Chapter 4Edit

Omega Supreme pursued Megatron in his warship mode, and engaged him at a Nucleon Shock Cannon platform. However, Megatron knocked him out of the sky and into an underground chamber

Decepticon Chapter 5Edit

Omega unleashed all of his weapons in an attempt to protect Iacon and Cybertron, but was eventually defeated.

Autobot Chapter 3Edit

Optimus Prime freed Omega from Megatron's clutches, and opened the Omega Gate so that Optimus could save Cybertron

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Omega Supreme has

  • Sentry Turrets
  • Tractor Beam
  • Missiles from his left arm
  • Missiles from his back
  • A powerful laser from his right arm.

His warship mode has

  • A main laser weapon
  • Homing Rockets
  • Plasma Balls

He can also deploy Aerialbots

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