Shockwave, Decepticon second-in-command

Shockwave is a brilliant Decepticon scientist and a former member of the scientist caste in the industrial city of Kaon. In a reversal of the usual order, he was swayed by the ambitions of the former mining caste member turned gladiator Megatron. Serving as Megatron's "pet mad scientist" and a joint second-in-command of the Decepticon forces, along with Starscream and Soundwave, he saw to the fighter's armament during his rise to prominence, all the while fantasizing on the prospect of mass producing such warriors by taking damaged Decepticons and turning them into super-soldiers. Thankfully, Megatron's more practical nature reined in Shockwave as the movement which became the Decepticons finally moved out of the shadows. He is available in DLC 1.


Voice actor: Steven Blum (English)

Shockwave is emotionless and detached from others, which allows him to use pure logic in order to further his own plans. Experimenting with Space bridge technology, Shockwave is able to open portals to other worlds and extract images of native lifeforms. He's known for using his scientific knowledge to reformat prisoners of war into hideous abominations.

War for CybertronEdit

Shockwave was at the Energon Purification zone when the Decepticons had used it for their stores of Energon. Shockwave challenged Megatron and his troops to a fight, saying if they beat him, he'd join their ranks. Shockwave was indeed defeated, and somewhat reluctantly joined the Decepticon ranks.

Rise of the Dark SparkEdit

Fall of CybertronEdit

When Cybertron was beginning to shut down, Shockwave wanted to reboot it, but to do this, he needed an energon supply. A big one. As he searched for one, he discovered an ancient technology called Space Bridges. Using them, Shockwave began searching for new planets that he could suck the life out of, one of which happens to be Prehistoric Earth. Seeing potential in the large reptilian creatures and insects that inhabit the planet, he returned to Cybertron and experimented on five captured autobots, giving them new forms based on the reptiles and lowered intelligence to be controlled more easily. With this success, Shockwave also upgraded several Decepticons based on the insects he saw. Naturally, the so-called Dinobots broke free and trashed Shockwave's lab. Despite the chaos being caused, Shockwave considered this a test, and monitored Grimlock closely. Much later, Grimlock had attempted to attack Shockwave at the Space Bridge, but he was quickly restrained. Shockwave taunted Grimlock, calling him a pet, which enraged Grimlock enough for him to transform into his Tyrannosaurus mode and attack Shockwave. Grimlock knocked Shockwave away with his tail, and began making his escape as the Space Bridge reached critical mass.

Abilites and WeaponsEdit

Shockwave carries a Neutron Assault Rifle, has the abilities Hover and Shockwave, and is a Scientist chassis.