Vortex is a Combaticon and Decepticon serving under Megatron. Along with the other Combaticons, he can form Bruticus Maximus, as the left arm.


Voice actor: Dave Boat (English)

Vortex is the interrogator of the Combaticons. Even his fellow Decepticons are disgusted by his advanced techniques for extracting information from prisoners. Vortex takes advantage of his flight mode by surveying the battlefield and blasting any Autobots who find their way into his weapon's scope.

Vortex transforms into a Cybertronian helicopter.

Fall of CybertronEdit

At one point, Vortex encounters a large structure resembling a climbing frame that he must climb to the top of, fighting Autobot enemies along the way.

Weapons and Abilities scarp maker and shock waveEdit

and neutron assault rifle Edit