Warpath is an Autobot soldier of exceptional strength. He also loves fighting.

Biography  Edit

Voice Actor: Jamieson Price (English)

Warpath is a brash, aggressive and impulsive young Autobot who loves to battle and make stuff explode. Optimus Prime likes to have him around because of his formidable strength and courage.

Warpath's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian tank.

War for Cybertron  Edit

Xbox 360/PS3/PC VersionEdit

Optimus Prime took Ironhide and Warpath to Cybertron's core, so that they could destroy all the Dark Energon. First, they rescued Omega Supreme, who opened the Omega Gate so that they could travel to the core. However, they were too late, learned and that the Autobots must leave Cybertron. Warpath witnessed Optimus Prime recieve the Matrix of Leadership from the planet's core.

In Multiplayer mode, his chassis is available in the Soldier class under the name Defender.

Fall of Cybertron Edit

Warpath helped Optimus fight off some Decepticon troops attacking Autobot City's nerve center. After the battle, Optimus sent Warpath back to organize the Ark's defenses.

He probably boarded the Ark when it was launched into space.

Unlike War for Cybertron, Warpath in only playable in Escalation. 

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

In War for Cybertron, Warpath carries a Neutron Assault Rifle, has the abilities Energon Barrier and Shockwave and is a Soldier chassis.

In Fall of Cybertron, carries a Path Blaster and has the ability Spawn Sentry. His parts are available for character customization in the game's Multiplayer mode in the Titan class.

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