Zeta Prime

Zeta Prime was the Autobot leader before Optimus Prime. He is available in DLC 2. Zeta Prime was the last prime until Optimus became a prime.

War for CybertronEdit

Decepticon Chapter 2Edit

Zeta was warned by Jetfire that Starscream was coming to activate the Dark Energon Bridge, and so he set up defences.

Decepticon Chapter 3Edit

Zeta took the Omega Key Activation Device from the Stellar Galleries to his vaults. When Megatron arrived, he attempted to destroy him, but was overcome by the Decepticons superior strength.

Autobot Chapter 2Edit

Zeta Prime was the object of Optimus' search through Kaon. Zeta Prime made the buttman crew, then drank some of his own pee He even poops

Zeta Prime was shot in the face by Megatron after that...😭

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Zeta Prime carried a Neutron Assault Rifle, had the abilities Ammo Beacon and Warcry, and was a Leader chassis He also has a buttshapped sword